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If you are here, you are probably like me: you LOVE watches! We all have a smartphone that take photographs, predict the weather, makes coffee, and yes they do tell time but nothing compares with the feel of a well design time-piece on your wrist.

Unfortunately for us, a well design watch, mechanical or otherwise, cost a lot of money. Some times you pay for exquisite quality (but be prepared to pay the price of a small house) but more often then not, you just pay the logo that’s engraved on it or its country of origin (yes Switzerland, I’m looking at you 🙂 ).

Here at Magnier Watches, we say “No more!”. We want to put beautiful watches of great design and excellent craftsmanship around every wrist.

That’s why you’ll find a curated selection of the best small brands watches available. Both original design and homage watches are sold at unbeatable prices, and with free shipping in more than 200 countries!