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What is an homage watch? Is it not counterfeit?

A valid question, one that’s frequently asked in the watch enthusiast community.

Here is an answer from the site “Worn & Wound”

A homage watch is generally thought to be one that “pays respect” to another watch by using elements of its design or style. This is most easy to see in what could arguably be the watch most often used for such reasons: the Rolex Submariner. There are dozens of brands that have copied at least some of the Rolex Submariner’s elements for their own watches. Everyone from Timex to Seiko to Orient, Sandoz, Citizen, Steinhart and many, many more have made watches that bear their own name, but take some (or many) design cues from the Sub.

On some level the homage watch correlates to a cover song: some make efforts to sound exactly like the original piece whereas others make attempts to use elements of the original mixed in with different stylistic elements.

On Magnier Watches, we’ll never, ever sell replica or counterfeit watches so if that’s your thing, well, we can’t help you…

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